SwiftKey 4.2 is released - launching with SwiftKey Cloud and 50% off right now!


I absolutely love SwiftKey keyboard! That one app only could make one switch from iPhone to ,
Android. That is how good it is. It makes you type so fast, in fact you don't even need to type, Swiftkey knows what word you want next, so just click on it, kinda spooky really. Now you can buy with a lower price, so I highly recommend you to go get it now if you don't already have it.
Today we’re launching SwiftKey 4.2 on Google Play (and other app stores once submission is approved), featuring SwiftKey Cloud! This exciting new set of features allows you to create a cloud-based hub for your personal language profile for the first time.

SwiftKey 4.2 is a free update for existing users – just return to the app store you purchased SwiftKey from and hit ‘update’. For new users, we’re holding a 50% off sale on Google Play, so now’s a great time to recommend the app to your friends and co-workers.

What’s new in 4.2

SwiftKey Cloud: Backup and Sync, Trending Phrases, and additional Personalization sources for a more connected typing experience

Better contextual predictions: based on field-specific context

Smarter learning: recognizes deliberate actions e.g use of punctuation and delete keys and includes these in all suggestions

New settings for physical keyboards: including space bar behaviour and punctuation settings
Improved settings layout

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