The Benchmarks for the LG G2 is incredible! The new reference phone to beat (Update)

lg g2 front

Update 2: They were asked by LG not to run benchmarks on these pre-release models since the official review units are yet to come, but apparently Phone Arena did it anyways. I think that could be why these benchmarks is not as good as for example the Sony Xperia Z Ultra with same Processor.

Update: After a lot of comments on this blogpost, and after some rethinking, I am not really sure that these benchmarks is any good at all, something doesn't seem to be right with these benchmarks.. I mean the Sony Xperia Z Ultra has much better AnTuTu benchmarks for example. Phone Arena must have been doing something wrong here, or is LG software so bad so it drains down the phone as much as this?

Man! Check this benchmarks of the LG G2 out! It is the reference device to beat now :) Incredibly good.

Here is the results:

Quadrant Standard: 16333

AnTuTu: 22518

GFXBench Egypt HD 2.5 onscreen: 47 fps

Vellamo HTML5: 2623

Vellamo Metal: 946

Check the benchmark video here: