This is how I blog on Android

blogging in android

I've done a video on how I blog on Android, it's very easy to do if you do like me.

I always start in Google+ because I use it instead of RSS and RSS Readers (RSS is dead to me), and when I found an article I want to blog about, quote or link to, I open it in Chrome beta for Android.

From there I save images I want to have in my blog post, and after that I copy the URL (link) to the source, so I get it in the phones clipboard.

After that I choose the text I want to quote, and click the share icon. When the share menu opens I choose Draft, because that is the best Markdown text editor for Android there is. In fact, it even beats most of iOS apps too. It's that good.

When Draft opens, it also opens a new note with the text I choose in Chrome. Just add a > before it and it converts to a quoted text in HTML. Below it I type Via and the name of the source. Then I select the name I just typed and choose the button for add link in Draft. Draft adds the right Markdown code for HTML links, and between the () you paste the link to the source you earlier copied. Now you have a nice looking Via link to the source.

Then I type my own text, my blog post above the quoted text, type as much you want and add how many links you want. It's very easy.

After that I choose the share button in Draft, choose share as HTML and in the share menu that then opens I choose Blogger because that is the blogging service I use. Then the post opens in a new blog post with all need HTML automatically converted by Draft. In Blogger you can add Title, labels and images easily. When that is done, just click publish.

Done! It's that easy.

Watch how in this tutorial video: