We will see both Sony i1 Honami, Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Gear on September 4th!

Samsung gear

September 4th will be a very hectic day for all gadget freaks :) Both Sony and Samsung will have an event that day!

Sony will present the Sony i1 Honami super phone, camera phone, and probably some more cool stuff.
Samsung will present the Galaxy Note 3, a 5.7 (5.68) inch phablet, and the rumor also says that they will present Samsung Gear, or maybe it will be called Galaxy Gear, their first smart watch.

But do we really need a smartwatch when we already have a smartphone? Well if phones keeps get bigger and bigger, maybe they can be a companion to our large phones, so that we can do simple tasks like SMS, notifications and so on, without having to take out our large phablets from our pockets or bags for example.

That is the only useful I can see in a smart watch. Otherwise it's kinda useless.

What do you think?

Here is my vlog about this super event day - September 4th:

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