What I think of the Motorola Moto X

about motorola moto x

The Motorola Moto X was released a while ago, and I think it is a nice little phone, it has some very cool innovative features, in fact quite revolutionizing really. But the huge drawback is that it is only available in The US. I know why it will never be released internationally, the reason is because of all the innovative voice features. They are based on the American language, so it will be impossible to translate all those features to all the languages in Europe for example. So this will be a huge problem in the future, because I think features as the Moto X has is the future. That is the features we will have and use in the future. SO how will the mobile innovators solve the language barrier here? Hard question. And that the Moto X only have mid range is true, but at the same time it's a non-problem. I have always said that specs isn't all, the most important thing is the user experience, and THAT the Motorola Moto X has a lot of.

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