Will CyanogenMod be commercialized? I sure don't hope so!


I sure hope that it's not true that CyanogenMod is working on commercialize them self and their awesome custom rom! If that happens I will stop using it immediately, but that would be very sad, because I love CyanogenMod, it has made my old phone a complete new phone again… But it sure looks a bit suspicious though.
“Ricardo Cerqueira (aka arcee), who seems to have single-handedly decided to go and remove huge sets of features from CM”
“Alas though, these discussions take place in secret, behind closed doors, which you and I do not see, because we are not felt “worthy” to see what happens there. Have no fear though, for I shall expose each and every one of these things, including the upcoming commercialisation of CM.
Yes, that’s right… You heard me right – CM are attempting to now licence all new contributions as dual GPL and commercial licence. Why? To allow them to go on and sell the rights to the open source code to third parties. And one of their own “leads” even tried to strong-arm a valued contributor into re-licencing his work. I had to step in there, and point out they actually had no right to do so, as the contributor agreement doesn’t cover that eventuality. Nonetheless, his attitude was frankly horrendous, TELLING the contributor it would be relicensed, not asking permission. That’s gone quiet for now though. The reason they want to be able to licence the code commercially? To allow them to sell YOUR contributions to a third party, such as an OEM or carrier, who wants the features, but doesn’t want to follow the open source licence of a GPL component.”

Via: Land of Droid