AntTek Explorer - is a good and beautiful file explorer for Android

antek explorer

Here is a beautiful, and very well developed File Explorer for Android called AntTek Explorer, it's made by one of many talented people in the XDA Developers Forums. It's still in beta, and you can download the latest beta on the source link below.

Here is some of the features of AntTek File Explorer:

- Drag and drop anywhere

- Flexible layout customization, including 6 different panels to select: file browser, temporary box, directory tree, etc.,

- Contextual toolbar to easily manage files

- Seamlessly handling local files, remote files (Samba, FTP, Dropbox, etc)

- Build-in viewers, include a cool music player, picture slideshow, zip tools, and dev-level SQL/source code viewer

- Root Access: manage apps and root-permission files

and more...
Antek explorer two framesAntekRoot explorer
Source: [APP][2.0.1+] AntTek Explorer - The most beautiful yet, speedy Android File Explorer - xda-developers