Google+ now has over 1 billion users!

Google+ 1 billion users!

My favorite social publishing platform and social network, Google+ now has over one billion users! That is incredible!

I am one of the first users of the service, I started using it as my main blog already in July 2011, and I soon have 50,000 followers, and it’s the best thing that has happened to me online. Nothing beats the interaction, the engagement you find on Google+[1]. Nothing. Before Google+ I had a lot of different blogs with hardly no engagement at all, I was glad if I get one comment. Now I have a lot of interaction and engagement! All thanks to Google+.

The Google+ and Blogger connection

At first I started to blog only on Google+, but after Google announced the new tight connection and synchronization with their Blogger service, I started to use a Blogger blog again, and everything I publish there also get published on Google+, and everything in total sync. So all the re-shares, +1’s and comments all get collected on to my blog post. So I can easily see all the comments threads from all the shares of the post, and I can engage in the discussions. It works incredibly good.

Google 3.0

I am so happy for Google+, and that it has succeeded to get so many users now, I know that it is the new Google, Google 3.0.

I think it is very important to start using Google+ if you haven’t already, because it will only be bigger and bigger, and if you are a blogger or publisher of any content, it will be very important to have a large following crowd on Google+. It brings you a lot of traffic, I can assure you that.

So start using Google+ and follow me here.

  1. Google+ (pronounced and sometimes written as Google Plus) is a social networking and identity service owned and operated by Google Inc. It’s a social publishing platform, social, network, blog service, photo sharing service, discussion forums and much much more. Only your imagination sets the limit of what it can be or do. Follow me here: ↩