Henge Dock for 11-inch MacBook Air Review

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The Henge Dock is a vertical docking station for the 11-inch MacBook Air that makes it easy to dock your laptop without having to connect all the cables to all the peripherals you use. It's perfect for me because I always dock my 11-inch MacBook Air every evening when I am coming home from work. I connect it to my 40-inch HDTV, and using it as an "iMac", or maybe a "Mac Mini", together with an Apple wireless mouse and keyboard. The setup works great, by docking it I can use my 11-inch MacBook Air both as a very portable computer that can always be with me, and a desktop computer at home.

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The Henge Dock both makes it easier to dock it because you don't have to connect all the cables every time, they are already connected into the dock itself, so you only need to put down the MacBook Air into the dock and that's it.

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Some of the features and benefits of the Henge Docks:

• Fully integrated ports, no setup

• Sturdy, rubberized cradle for precision fit

• Quick connect and disconnect of peripherals

• Vertical orientation save space

• Compatible with all MacBook Air 2011 models and later

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It's too bad that the power cable needs to be connected at the top though, doesn't looks so nice as it could, but you can at least clip the cable on the backside of the dock. Having one USB port at the top doesn't bother me because I think it could be quite useful for connecting small flash drives at the top, makes it easy to do so.

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Another drawback with the Henge Dock is that I don't think it supports USB 3.0 as my 2012 MacBook Air do. I haven't tried if it does though, but the connector doesn't look like it supports it.

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I don't think it's hard to dock or undocking the computer, I just hold the dock with one hand and the MBA in the other, and after doing that a couple of times, it's quite easy to find the connectors at the bottom.

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The biggest problem I have found with this dock though, is that the Bluetooth range is a lot shorter when using the dock, than when I just connect the cables directly to the computer instead. I think the problem is that the Henge Dock covers the Bluetooth sender/receiver. It's a problem for me because I want to lay down in my bed when using Apples wireless keyboard and mouse, when my MacBook Air is docked to the HDTV, I have done so for a couple of years now and it has always worked perfectly fine, but not now with the Henge Dock.

There is no problem with the Bluetooth range if you using it sitting at a desk though, the range is somewhere between 1-2 meters approx. when docked in the Henge Dock, around 3-4 meters when not using the Henge Dock. I guess the normal usage is using it at a desk, and not as I do it though.

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All in all, this is a great product, and very useful. I can highly recommend buying it.