Here is the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch! (update)

Samsung smartwatch 3

That is one of the ugliest devices I have seen in a very long time, hopefully this is just a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch…. I really hope it will look much better than this big thing. I can't see myself wearing that. It looks like a huge calculator watch. If you already have a smartphone, I can't see any use for that kind of watch, a watch needs to be innovating the features, like using Moto X voice features, Google Now, Apple's Siri or something, and of course with international support… If it's just a watch with some android apps, then it's nothing for me. Just another device you need to charge twice a day.. And a camera on a watch? Seriously? Well maybe for some Google Hangouts or Apple Facetime maybe..

My vlog on what I think about smartwatches:

Here are some of the smartwatch’s specs:

Samsung S Voice for voice commands

Preloaded with Android apps for social media, health tracking, etc.

Integration with a companion Galaxy S phone or tablet

An easy-to-use swipe function to access apps, the built-in camera, and the photo gallery

Call logs (A cool use-case: You can initiate a call from the watch to a Samsung smartphone device)

Internet access

Power button on the side

Social media integration — you can share to your Facebook or Twitter account from the watch

10+ hours battery life
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Source: This is Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch: A blocky health tracker with a camera | VentureBeat