More photos of the HTC One Max leaked - this time also compared to Note 2 and Note 3

Update: Added more photos of the HTC One Max, once again together with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Here is even more photos of the coming HTC One Max phablet. The One Max is compared to both the Note 2 and Note 3, so it’s quite easy to see that the rumored size of 5.99-inch is correct. Quite good benchmark score at 26417 too in one photo, could that mean that it will have a Snapdragon 800 anyways? Some rumors says that it won’t because the fingerprint sensor is not compatible with Snapdragon 800.

From HTC One Max nieuwe foto’s gelekt, naast de Galaxy Note 3 - Sim Only Radar:

the HTC One Max is pictured with an AnTuTu benchmark scorecard, which scores 26417 points. Which is almost the same as the HTC One, that confirms the Snapdragon 600 CPU (and not the 800).

Also, the phablet not will have a dual-SIM feature, at least the version shown on the pictures. The back cover is opened, but with room for one micro-SIM card. Also you can see the fingerprintscanner between the camera and the SIM slot