Sony Xperia Z1 Battery Test

GSM Arena has done an extensive battery life test of the Sony Xperia Z1.
It looks quite good, but to be honest, I am a bit disappointed really. I thought it would have better battery life with a 3000mAh battery on a 5-inch display. I mean, I don’t care that it beats all phones when it comes to talk time. I never do calls…

I want great battery life when “web surfing”, but there is where it lacks according to GSM Arena..

Sigh, there is always something that disappoints me with a phone.. They are never perfect.
The standby performance of the Sony Xperia Z1 is pretty good and our endurance rating of the phone settled at good 53 hours. That’s enough to get you through a couple of days of medium usage, but you can expect daily charging if you do a lot of web browsing or watch videos on your commute
From The Sony Xperia Z1 battery tests are done, here’s the score - GSMArena Blog