The Great Suspender - one of the most useful Chrome extensions in a long time!

The Great Suspender is an unbelievable useful Chrome extension, that makes it possible to suspend tabs to reduce memory footprint and processor usage of the web browser Chrome.

And that is very, very useful for me, because I have a a lot of pinned tabs that I need to have open, but doesn’t use all the time, and tabs can be auto-suspended after a configurable period of time or be suspended manually. Tabs can also be whitelisted to avoid automatic suspension, and a very good feature is that suspended tabs are retained suspended after closing and reopening the browser, that means that it will prevent all the tabs from reloading after a restart. Awesome.

A tab can be restored fast by clicking anywhere on the page, or by choosing the tab when it is needed.

The Great Suspender Chrome extension made my 11-inch MacBook Air go from around 30–50% CPU usage down to below 10%! That means way better battery life :)

You can install the Great Suspender Chrome extension here