What is Tasker?

What is Tasker?

In layman's terms Tasker is complete automation of your Android device. When I say complete automation I truly mean total automation of anything you want your Android device to do for you without your input. Want your device to turn on your bluetooth when you get in your car? Tasker can do that. Want your device to send a text message to a loved one when you get to work in the morning? Tasker can do that. Do you want your device to turn on Google Music set the volume to 50% and dim the screen a bit when you plug in headphones? Tasker can do that. Do you want your device to make you a cup of Coffee? Tasker well er, you can do that yourself. Tasker is quite possible the most powerful tool in the Google Play Store and i for as powerful and life changing as it is the app only has between 100k -500k installs. That’s a pretty good number but considering what it does and the price point its pretty low. So why is it low? well I can only assume it’s because not many people on Android are power users that want to take the time to program their phone to do these things.

Tasker for Everyday Use

As I stated above, Tasker can be used to automate the mundane tasks of your day to day life so you don’t have to worry about it. This is done through the use of Profiles, Tasks, Scenes and Variables and since there are god knows how many User Guides online for Tasker I will not make this a How to. But if you are interested in this tool and wish to make your Smartphone a Genius then I have listed some of my favorite links below.


Everything you need for User Guides can be found here.

For Video Instruction there is these videos:

There is also a Reddit community dedicated to Tasker here.

And you can checkout +Armando Ferreira, he has a lot of posts and videos about Tasker.

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This post is written by +Jamaar DeBoise for Svartling Network.

+Stefan Svartling's thoughts on this:

I've been thinking of starting using Tasker, but haven't had the time to learn it.
I've been using a simpler app called Setting Profiles though, and it can make quite much too, but in an easier way. It made me break the all time battery life record for example ;)

Here is two videos I've made about the app Setting Profiles: