With iOS 7 you hardly use the home button anymore - here is why

Iphone 5s touch id fingerprint

Maybe you haven’t noticed yet, that in iOS 7 you don’t use the home button so much anymore, you use all kinds of new gestures to do stuff instead, like swiping left and right, and from bottom to top, and from top to bottom.

And I believe the reason is because the iPhone 5S[1] has a fingerprint sensor in the home button now, so Apple doesn’t want you to over use it. Could it be that it is too sensitive? Or can it be destroyed with too much usage?

And only because the iPhone 5S has a sensitive fingerprint scanner they re-designed how you should use iOS[2], so even if you don’t have an iPhone 5S, you don’t have to use the home button so much anymore.

I also believe that the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 will not have a home button anymore. There will only be a fingerprint scanner directly on the front to unlock the phone, and to purchase stuff. No need for a button anymore.

That’s where iOS is headed. And the next step after that is to be merged with OS X.

  1. The iPhone 5S is a touchscreen-based smartphone developed by Apple Inc.. It is the seventh generation of the iPhone and succeeds the iPhone 5. The phone is a slimm, light model with a high-resolution, 4-inch screen, with 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. The phone also includes a custom-designed ARM processor called the Apple A7, support for LTE and a fingerprint sensor. It comes in three new colors: Gold, Silver and metal gray. See more posts tagged iPhone 5S.  ↩

  2. iOS (previously iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc. See more posts tagged iOS.  ↩