HTC on its death bed

HTC will eventually not survive as an independent company anymore. According to Asymco’s Horace Dediu it’s very rare that manufacturers survive when they start posting losses of their device sales, they usually get bought by larger companies then. That was what happened with Motorola and Nokia, and that is probably also what will happen with BlackBerry now. And sadly probably with HTC as well.

It could take a year or two until that happens though, at least what we can see what happened historically with other manufacturers.

It doesn’t look good for HTC, and who will benefit buying them? They don’t have so many patents as for example BlackBerry or Motorola, and knowledge and intelligence, well HTC has done some good stuff yes, but will it be worth buying the whole company for?

Maybe Samsung buys them if they can’t bid higher than Google for BlackBerry? Who knows, but this is bad for the competition on the mobile market, that’s for sure.