I really like that Google+ posts always shows up in Google Search results

Google+ in search

Google+ posts in search results

Everybody probably knows how much I love Google+, and everything around it. For example the personal (private) Google search results with Google+ posts high at the top. I like that a lot.

personal search

But how many users has that activated? I know I have, but is there any official numbers on how many google users that have that feature activated?

I haven’t seen any. It would be cool to know.

I think that is a very important feature for users like me that uses Google+[1] as a blog. If there is enough users that have that activated, then it’s a much bigger chance that your Google+ posts shows up in Google search results.

Every time I search for something, I get results with Google+ posts high at the top, and I like it a lot. The reason that is a good thing is because on Google+ we need to manually curate and share our posts, so the quality of the content is very high. We have already filtered out the spam for Google. And the few spam posts that exists doesn’t get any interaction or reshares, so they don’t show up in Google search.

I am not really sure how the Google search with personal results activated works, but it looks like Google+ posts from people you follow on Google+ is higher ranked in the results. That would also mean that the more users that follows you, the more often your posts will show up in the search results.

google+ users you follow

Google+ and SEO

I think Google+ will be part of SEO in the future, so it’s important that you start using the service already today. If you have a website or blog, why not start a Google+ page and use it as your blog feed? That means that your posts gets indexed in Google Search, and will be found more often by your followers than other more highly ranked websites. Your website’s Google+ page will be your social feed where people can comment and reshare it on Google+, and for every new share your posts get, the more often they will be found in Google search.

Google+ is Google 3.0, so I think it will take more and more place at Google, and showing up in search results is just one way showing how important the service is for Google.

  1. Google+ (pronounced and sometimes written as Google Plus) is a social networking and identity service owned and operated by Google Inc. It’s a social publishing platform, social, network, blog service, photo sharing service, discussion forums and much much more. Only your imagination sets the limit of what it can be or do. Follow me here: google.com/+svartling ↩