LG G Flex - another curved phone

Some leaked photos of the LG G Flex has showed up. It’s LG’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy Round, a 6-inch phone with a rounded (flexible) display. And to be honest, it feels once again like the android device manufacturers doesn’t have a clue on what they should do when it comes to flexible displays. So once again everybody is waiting for Apple to come and innovate what you can do with flexible displays, and make what the users want. And then all manufacturers can do what Apple did all over again.

You can’t just throw out devices in droves and see what sticks. You have to do some serious studies what the user wants and what the benefits are first.

As you can see, they show a vertical curve design as opposed to the horizon bend of the Galaxy Round. We understand that the G Flex, which packs a 6-inch screen, will be released next month but pricing and exact availability are still to be revealed