OmniROM will be the new CyanogenMod - open and free

Some developers from the Android custom ROM scene (Chainfire, XplodedWild, and Dees_Troy and more) are working together on a new custom version of Android called OmniROM. At first the ROM will be compatible with the latest Google Nexus devices and a few devices from Sony and Oppo. More devices will be added later. The ROM is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP[1]).

In seems that the OmniROM is an reaction to the latest developments from CyanogenMod, where CM has become a commercial product. OmniROM will be the opposite, an open and free, community based product. I like the idea a lot.

They are also working on an “OmniInstaller”, an open source ROM installer that will make it easier to install any custom ROM on your device. To me it sounds lile it will be like the CyanogenMod Installer, but it will work with any custom Android ROM.

I think the future for non-bloat, free and open custom ROM’s looks bright. And it also looks like it will become much easier to install ROM’s in the future.

Key features of the OmniROM:

  • Flippable Quick Settings
  • Roadrunner mode
  • Multi-window
  • Daydream enhancements
  • Integrated Performance Control
  • Multi-workspace
  • Color-changeable
  • 3D depth Phase Beam

  1. “Android Open Source Project” or “AOSP” to refer to the people, the processes, and the source code that make up Android. The people oversee the project and develop the actual source code. The processes refer to the tools and procedures we use to manage the development of the software. The result is the source code that you can use to build cell phone and other devices.  ↩