The Google Strategy

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Google’s strategy begins to become clear

“I would rather have people think we’re confused than let our
competitors know what we’re going to do.”

-Larry Page (CEO of Google)

Google’s strategy for web dominance, and ultimately world dominance becomes more and more evident with each announcement and product release. With all of the awesome Google announcements, they provide increased usability to all of their other services. This becomes a very rewarding system. Each groundbreaking offering keeps strengthening its core of Adsense and Search. Google+, Chromebooks, Google Fiber, and even the Chromecast are poised to amplify their other services. Consider this system applied to the average user base.

In general-use terms:
  1. We can start by taking a quick look at Chrome. The Chrome browser seeks to connect all other Google services much like Google+ connects them on a social level.
  2. The Chrome browser speeds up “immediate” access to Google search and amplifies Google+ usability, Google Drive usability, and allows the Chromecast to increase the utility of Youtube and Google Play media. Not to mention Chrome is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.
  3. Now throw in Google Fiber amping up the speed of all internet services worldwide (through competition). Once Fiber raises the bar to roughly 100x what we normally see in the stagnant broadband market pre-Fiber, we will see Google searches increase due to users being able to make more searches in less time.
  4. In the next year or two Google Glass and self driving cars will allow Google services to be even more intricate in our daily lives.
  5. Not to mention Android and Chrome OS are disrupting the way the world views computing and continues to drive even more use of all other Google Services.
    Do you see a pattern yet?
Now that Google controls an overwhelming percent of:
  • Web Advertising $
  • Mobile - Android market share & over a dozen highly used iOS apps
  • Browsers - Chrome market share and Firefox’s Google search Bar
  • Maps - both with the ever present Google maps and recent purchase of Waze
  • Hashtags - now that you can search #s in google and see related Google+ posts
  • Web Videos - Youtube growth still isn’t slowing down
or will control an overwhelming percent of:
  • Your face - with Google Glass
  • Your car - when it begins to drive itself
…We will be able to see Google truly shine.

What’s crazy is we are just beginning to scratch the surface of Google’s Strategy. The full potential of Google Maps and Google+ have yet to be realized with it comes to ad revenue and pure utility. Google can simply flip a switch and multiple billion dollar industries “appear” out of thin air. I can’t wait to hear what Google has come up with next! Basically with each announcement and product release we see another piece of the puzzle. This puzzle is turning out to be quite the masterpiece.

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