This is my review of the Mugen Power extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3

I’ve been testing an 4600mAh extended battery from Mugen Power, for my Samsung Galaxy S3, with the battery comes a “Battery Door” as Mugen Power calls it, it’s a new backplate that the phone needs with this much thicker battery. And I must say that this battery adds a lot of thickness to the phone, but also an awesome battery life.

According to Mugen Power will this battery last up to 2.19 times as long, and that is definitely needed for my Samsung Galaxy S3 now when I have flashed CyanogenMod 10.2 on it.. CM drains battery life a lot on Galaxy devices.

This battery is perfect when you need to have power for a little longer period of time than usual. The included back cover also has a built-in kickstand that makes it comfortable to watch movies on the phone, or using it as an alarm clock on your desk. Even if it’s as thick as it is, the Galaxy S3 still feels very comfortable to hold in your hand. The phone is still actually lighter with this battery, than my new Sony Xperia Z1 is. I can highly recommend this extended battery. And that is my honest opinion.

Check out my two video with this battery below.

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