What you need to do to succeed on Google+

To succeed on Google+ you have to interact and engage, but that is not enough, you also need to post interesting and engaging content.

High Quality

Google+ is a social publishing platform, where the content has the highest quality possible because of that we need to manually curate content on Google+. There is no auto posting, yes I know you can do some auto posting to a Google+ page, but not on a personal profile, and that is actually a good thing. It raises the quality of the content, the service.

The more interesting content you post, the more users will circle you. And eventually a “big” user will circle you and start resharing your posts, and when that happens, your followers will come in droves.

You need to engage

But you also need to be visible, that’s why you need to engage. There is a lot of big websites on Google+[1] that just post their content and never interact. They don’t even reply to comments… These “feeds” is quite static, and people stops commenting, and the stupid thing is that the websites that manage these posts, doesn’t get it why they don’t get any interaction, and start to create articles about “Google+ is a ghost town”.

That is how important it is to engage with your followers.

If not, you are dead on Google+, you become a static feed people follow for the news and nothing else. And after a while, you could even be uninteresting when it comes to news too. Then people starts to unfollow you.

On Google+ comments are content, so you need to get the discussion going on your posts by replying.

And of course, you need to engage on the posts from the users you follow too. One of the reasons is because then you are visible to others, I have got a lot of followers that way. If you make a comment on a highly popular post, the earlier in the thread, the better, then you get a lot of new followers. And if you do that often, then the followers will come in droves too.

Tech bloggers need to be unbiased and honest

If you are a tech blogger like me, it’s important that you are unbiased when posting. You must be real and personal. Yes some users will start to unfollow you when you post something bad about something they love, but it’s worth it in the long run. You need to be honest. After a while you will get some real “fans” following you, that protects you through comments. All thanks to your honesty.

  1. Google+ (pronounced and sometimes written as Google Plus) is a social networking and identity service owned and operated by Google Inc. It’s a social publishing platform, social, network, blog service, photo sharing service, discussion forums and much much more. Only your imagination sets the limit of what it can be or do. Follow me here: google.com/+svartling  ↩