A new version of Swype for Android - now bilingual!

This is awesome! I love Swype. One of the few features that I’ve been missing from swiftkey, is the bilingual feature, and now it’s here :-) The new version also now has punctuation prediction, that could be useful, I haven’t tried that yet though.

A new keyboard theme called “Blackbird” is also now available, but I don’t like that one because it doesn’t have the second option with other characters on the keys, and by the way, it’s now easier to find all the special characters directly on the keys on some themes, and they have grouped the two second menus with keys into one now. That’s also nice.

You can now also change the size of the keys, both width and height. Also the long press time is changeable.

To me this is a quite big update, and especially the bilingual feature is very important for me that write in two languages. Now I can do that without switching keyboards.

And for all those wonder why I think Swype is better than SwiftKey, can read this. And please note that I’ve been a SwiftKey user for 10 months before I realized that I’ve been fooled, Swype is better and faster.

New Swype features

  • Bilingual
  • Split and Mini keyboards for phablets
  • Punctuation prediction
  • New theme (“Blackbird”)
  • Combined secondary and tertiary menus
  • Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu
  • Accessibility support
  • Search gesture
  • Bug fixes reported by users
  • You can adjust:
    • Long-press delay
    • Vibration duration
    • Keyboard height
    • Keyboard layouts
    • Word list font size
  • New Dragon Dictation features
    • Phrase-based, real-time results
    • Dictation language independent of keyboard language

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