Google Search 3.1.8 released for Android - Brings together with Google Experience Launcher "KitKat" to any device

Just awesome! I am now running the latest Google Search update from today, and the Google Experience Launcher (GEL) from KitKat on my Sony Xperia Z1! This is the future of Android, I can feel it. The new Google Search 3.1.8 brings the same version that comes with Android 4.4 KitKat to all devices running Android 4.1+. The app is rolling out to the Play Store from today. It also means that by just installing the Google Experience Launcher APK after updating Search, you get the same KitKat experience on your Android device! Without any troubles at all. I am sure that it is just a matter of time before Google releases GEL in the Play Store too, because it works 100% perfect now after this Google Search update.

The total experience on my Xperia Z1 with the new updated UI, new animations and so on, now feels so fresh! And fast too! I like it a lot. It looks perfect. And the swipe form left to right to bring out Google Now is realtime now, no need to start an app for that with the Google Experience Launcher installed, because the Launcher really IS Google Now, always started and ready.

The new Google Search (Google Now) also brings some new Cards (as usual more US based though):

  • Traffic incidents using Waze on maps
  • Recurring reminders
  • Real-time sports scores
  • See when your packages are ready for in-store pickup
  • You can now also bring back dismissed cards by pressing Undo.
  • Full-on conversation mode, so you can have a conversation with the search results

All card settings and toggles is now available from a new “magic wand” icon at the bottom of search. The cards settings is remade as a series of Yes and No questions that makes it easy to go through all of them.

All this is very easy to get now, either you wait for the Google Search update to be ready for your device and update it from Google Play Store, or you download the APK from this link (I did that), and then download the GEL APK from this link. Easy, fast and safe. Works great. You can also check this guide out on how to install it.