I believe the iPad Pro will be the evolution of the MacBook Air - with 12.9-inch touch display and keyboard

There is a rumor going on that Apple is working on a 12.9-inch iPad-like device. personally I think it could be true because I believe it is the next evolution of the 11-inch MacBook Air. It will be an iPad with a keyboard and be called iPad Pro. I believe it will run on the first version of Apple OS, an OS based on both iOS and OS X. They have given OS X more and more features from iOS for every new version. You know that the next version of OS X can’t be called OS X don’t you? X stands for “10” and OS X Mavericks is 10.9, the last version of the OS X. It must be called another name. And I think Apple has planned this all a long.

iPad Pro with Keyboard and Touch Display

First Apple releases an iPad Air that will be the “normal” iPad, and next year they will release the iPad Pro, that will have the same size as the lid on a 11.7-inch Macbook Air. If you have the 11.7-inch MacBook Air, you have probably noticed that the screen doesn’t go out on the edges and top and bottom of the lid, there is plenty of room left, you can call it thick bezels if you like. A 12.9-inch display on an iPad Pro could easily fit in that sized lid. Put a cool backlit keyboard at the bottom of it and you have an evolved MacBook Air with touch display, who knows, maybe even detachable?

The iPad Pro wouldn’t even need the excellent touchpad the MacBook Air has anymore, because the touch display will replace that. I also believe that the usage of a 64-bit was also a step in Apple’s plan to merge the two OS’es into one. It will be much easier to have the same apps running on all their devices then. The iPad Pro will probably use Apple’s new A7 64-bit mobile processor.

The rumor says that it is Quanta that is working together with Apple on this iPad Pro, Quanta has apparently secured a contract with Apple to build their 12.9 inch iPad, if the rumor is to believe. The rumor also says that Apple could possibly use a 4K display (Ultra HD), which means a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

I would definitely buy such a device

Personally I will buy such device in an instant. That is something I could really see moving the technology even further into a post-pc era. I would gladly run all the awesome iPad apps that are available, but also with the freedom of OS X in the new merged OS. So who knows, maybe my next 11-inch MacBook Air will be an iPad Pro instead, then I will get the best of both worlds.