My Blog is my Book - and why I can't write a book

Since I was a teenager I have always wanted to write a book. I have never done that though, but I have started endless of times, but always failed.

I have a great opportunity to actually have someone reading my book now, because I have a quite large following crowd on Google+. But that is also the problem, they are mostly non-Swedish speaking people, so I would have to write in English, and I could never write a complete book in perfect English grammar. It would be impossible for a Swede like me.


I have thought a lot about this lately, and I have come to think of that my blog is actually my book, I can use my blogging for my writing needs and pleasure, and as you may know - my blog has merged with Google+, everything syncs between them, all interactions and comments, and the posts I publish on the blog is also posted automatically to Google+. That means that all my thousands of followers there, can potentially read what I write. So I guess that writing a blog is better and easier for me, because it will probably be read by more people than a book would.

And there is also the advantage of Google. Google indexes what I write, in both Google Search and on Google+, so my posts will find more and more readers over time.

Blogging is like writing a book over a longer time, one paragraph or chapter a time. It’s like a Lifebook.

So I guess a blog instead of a book is a win win for me personally.