Big iPad comes in October 2014 and could replace the 11-inch MacBook Air - yeah I have already posted that the big "iPad" could be a MacBook with Touch

According to the not so reliable DigiTimes, will Apple release a 12.9-inch iPad model in October 2014, and it may be a replacement for the 11-inch MacBook Air. This big iPad model will apparently target the education market. Yeah right.. As I have already posted before, I think the rumored bigger iPad, the iPad Pro will be a new kind of device, a device more like the MacBook Air but with a touchscreen and be able to run iPad apps.

I can’t see why Apple should replace the 11-inch MacBook Air with a big iPad really? But as I said, I can actually see a new breed of touch based MacBook Air’s with 64-bit ARM based processors being able to run iOS apps.