Here is some Blogger Tips from Google's Blogger Team - I can highly recommend the Google+ integration!

Here are some more Blogger tips from Google’s Blogger Team. Maybe you didn’t know that my website is using their Blogger service? I use it because of the tight integration with Google+. To me normal old blogging is dead, the new “blogging” will be in a new modern form in the future. Merging Google+ together with Blogger is an excellent and fresh way to evolve blogging. That’s one way modern blogging will look like in the future.

Some of the tips from Blogger we learn this time are:

They also inform us that if we delete our Google Accounts, it means that we will lose all of our Blogger information, and our profile and blogs will be deleted. So that is good to know.

All in all, I am very satisfied with Blogger, they have had 100% uptime the latest years I’ve been using it, and as I said, very good Google+ integration. It’s future proof.