I held a White Nexus 5 today and it was very light and beautiful - there is still no reason to buy it instead of a LG G2 here in Sweden because they have the same price

I held a Nexus 5 (white) for the first time today, and it felt very light and I really like the design. It had quite sharp edges though, and the reason why it is much lighter than the LG G2 for example, is because it has a smaller battery and display. I prefer better battery life and bigger screen in the same small package… And to be honest there is no need to buy a Nexus 5 here in Sweden, because it costs as much as the LG G2 here (4275 SEK). And the LG G2 is a way better phone and feels much nicer in your hand and has much better battery life and camera for example.

So all in all, it’s a nice phone but has a lower value here in Sweden. There is other phones that is better for the same price.

Here is my very short hands-on: