I must admit that I get very tempted to buy the LG G Pad 8.3

Since I bought my 11-inch MacBook Air and sold my iPad because of that, I have said that I will never buy a tablet agin, because I don’t need one anymore, but I get very tempted to buy the LG G Pad 8.2 after reading anndrew vacca from Android Central’s review of this tablet:

“LG has released the best Android tablet on the market. The G Pad is the cream of the crop”.

“I’ve never met an Android tablet that’s more capable, more gorgeous, or more easy to use. Its lightweight and premium design is the ideal balance of size and portability, and that 8.3-inch display is as stunning as LG has spoiled us with in the past. I’m in love with LG’s G Pad 8.3”.

“Today, the company is producing two of the best Android devices on the market (LG G2 and the G Pad)”.

Personally I have fallen in love with the LG G2 smartphone, so reading this review only making my feelings for LG even stronger. They simply makes one of the best Android devices at the moment.

I still can’t see any use for a tablet though, because I prefer reading on my 5.2-inch smartphone, especially when laying on my side in bed reading before I go to sleep. And my 11-inch MBA has replaced everything else I did on tablets, but as I said, the LG G Pad 8.3 looks incredible good and useful… Drooling…