I really like the Focus feature on the LG G2's Camera - I am very impressed

I really like the focus effect with the camera on the LG G2. Focus on one detail or more, and then blur out the rest around it. I like that a lot.

I am very impressed by that. My Sony Xperia Z1 has that feature too, and it’s a bit better on the Xperia Z1 because it is more automated. The Xperia Z1 goes into a Macro mode when you go near an object. The LG G2 doesn’t, but if I point at a detail I want to focus on when I am near an object, this focus effect happens automatically.

And I like that I can focus on more than one object. All in all I am very impressed by camera in the LG G2. It has definitely one of the best cameras on any smartphone this year.