LG G2 battery life test - it beats all the competition! Very impressive

I have already written many times now how impressive the battery life is on the LG G2, and now Phone Arena has done their extensive battery life test where the LG G2 beats all the competition! In their test it runs for 6h 48min in one stretch. That means that it’s likely will last 2–3 days for most users between charges, It is in a league of it’s own… Amazing!

Some of the reasons why LG has succeeded with this is because they have put in a 3000mAh 11.4 watt-hour, 3.8V battery in a really small package. It also has a Snapdragon 800 processor that is very power efficiency. And the LG G2 also uses GRAM (Graphics RAM) that saves a lot of power too.

Glad to see that more users sees how good the LG G2 is :)