My iPhone Rant - it's ugly and small

Seriously, after using the iPhone 4S for a while now, I can just say that it has become very ugly now, and way too small. I mean, look at it when holding it in your hand, the home button on the front and the rounded corners looks silly now… After being one of the most beautiful phones ever been released when it was new, to become just ugly and silly looking after a few years. The technology moves forward fast and the design of our devices too. Yes I know the iPhone 4S is not new anymore, but the latest iPhone 5S doesn’t look much different really. Yes the home button is a bit more modern now with a fingerprint scanner, but the phone even look a bit more silly because the phone is so tall now instead.

Compared to the Sony Xperia Z1 and the LG G2 the iPhone looks just plain silly:

And seriously, have I really been thinking that the screen size and the sharpness of the text has been good before? I can’t believe that I have been happy with it before. It sucks to be reading on the iPhone 4S! A web page that is not mobile optimized has so tiny text so that is just unbelievable! The same web page is fully readable on the 5.2-inch screen on the LG G2…

And the LG G2 is as easy to handle with one hand as the iPhone, so that is no excuse for the small size either.

I guess you don’t know better until you have tried something better..

I will never ever be an iPhone user as long as Apple doesn’t change the iPhone drastically, bigger size, removes the silly home button (or at least re-designed it or something), and of course open up iOS, but that is another blog post…