One more Leaked image of the Nokia Normandy Android Phone - too much color for my taste and will Microsoft allow it?

Update: While The Microsoft / Nokia deal could stop the Nokia Normandy from being released, it has nothing to do with Android. But the problem is that the deal that Microsoft made when they bought Nokia, is that it prevents Nokia from using the name “Nokia” on any handset for two years after the merger is closed.

Here we have a leaked image of the Nokia Normandy, a new coming phone, rumored to be running a tweaked version of Android. You know, like the Android on the Amazon Kindle.

This image shows it in green, black, cyan, yellow and white. To me Nokia phones starts to look more and more like toys with these very vivid colored devices… I am not sure I like this colors.. And I am not sure that Nokia is allowed to release an Android based phone at all, will Microsoft allow that?