Phablets will outsell small tablets in 2014 - and I actually believe that's possible

According to the founder of Technalysis Research, Bob O’Donnell, will 175 million phablets be sold globally in 2014, and they will outsell the 165 million small tablets (8 inches or smaller) that he says will be sold in 2014. And that is actually something I can see happen. I have always said that a phablet is a device larger than 5-inch but smaller than 7-inch, so phones like the LG G2 with a 5.2-inch is counted as a phablet. And I also believe that we will see a trend of bigger tablets next year, even bigger than 10-inch, those tablets is meant to replace laptops.

The categories will be:

  • Phones: 5-inch or smaller
  • Phablets: Bigger than 5-inch, smaller than 7-inch
  • Tablets: Bigger than 8-inch

These are the categories I can see we the consumers will buy next year.