Sony Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition ROM ported to Xperia Z1 - some important things doesn't work yet but hopefully will soon

The XDA developer “DooMLoRD” has managed to port the Sony Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition ROM to the Xperia Z1. So now we can run Vanilla Android 4.4.2 on our Xperia Z1’s. Not that Sony’s UI is bad though, it is already almost Stock Android, but if you want to try the latest KitKat version you have the chance now.

DooMLoRD combined the Xperia Z Ultra’s Google Play Edition software with the official Xperia Z1 kernel to create a bootable ROM, and It boots up just fine and almost everything works, but two important features doesn’t work, and that is WiFi and the Camera.

DooMLoRD is working hard on fixing these issues, and has invited other developers to help out. You can download the ROM from this XDA Developer Forums thread, and also follow the development there.