The cool Android keyboard Fleksy is now available in Play Store - quite unbelievable predictions but where is all the different languages?

The new cool Android keyboard called Fleksy is now out of beta and available in Google Play Store, after been in private beta testing for several months. Fleksy has large keys and is based on prediction and auto-correction typing. You can even type without looking at the keyboard.

But where is all the languages? It’s useless for me without Swedish for example… It just says “under development” when I try to install Swedish..

But I must admit, it has the best predictions I have ever seen and tried. Quite unbelievable really. Try it and see for yourself, but be sure to do the tutorial before you start using it, it is necessary to learn how to do stuff.

Fleksy is free for 30 days, then it costs $3.99. Get it in the Play Store.

Here is a video from Fleksy: