There is no need to buy the Nexus 5 instead of the LG G2 here in Sweden

Here in Sweden we don’t have devices in Google Play Store, so we can only buy the Nexus 5 in electronics shops. So the Nexus 5 has practically the same price as the LG G2 here. So I can’t see no real reason to buy the Nexus 5 instead of a LG G2.

LG G2 has unbelievable battery life, unbelievable display, unbelievable camera and some of the so called “bloatware” is very useful. For example the cliptray, camera app, SMS popup, the app toolbar that opens when connecting headphones, the knock knock feature and more. And most of the real bloatware that is useless can be disabled and hidden with the right launcher.

Having pure vanilla Android and the latest android updates fast is not as important for me as having all this great hardware in a small and very comfortable package. It’s incredible how LG managed to put a 5.2-inch display in such a small phone!

To me the LG G2 beats the Nexus 5 on all parts and it’s worth every penny.