What's the best iPad Air Keyboard case? With such great keyboard cases available I almost could buy an iPad instead of a 11-inch MacBook Air. I said almost

The website iMore has tested different keyboard cases, covers, and folios for the iPad Air. They have put them all head to head to see how they compares when it comes to design, durability, keyboard layout, and much more. Keyboards like these makes me almost wanting to buy an iPad Air instead of my beloved 11-inch MacBook Air… I said almost :)

The contenders are Zagg vs. Logitech vs. Belkin. I have no idea if these keyboards are available here in Sweden though, the last time I had an iPad I simply used my Apple Wireless Keyboard connected to the iPad. Worked great if you had a nice case with a stand.

If you are interested in buying a keyboard for your brand new iPad Air, check this test out.

Here is a video: