I believe that 2014 will be a big year for Apple

Apple hasn’t done so much innovation the last two years, mainly just updates to already released products. I think that will change in 2014. Apple needs to innovate again this year, and that’s what they are planning to do, I am sure of that.

Bigger iPhone

I believe 2014 will be the year when Apple will release a bigger iPhone, hopefully at least 5-inch, personally I like the 5.2-inch form factor better, and if they do, they will definitely be in the game again, and highly interesting. They will take a lot of market shares from Android if they do that. Again, they have to do that this year.

iPad Pro

Another revolutionizing innovation I think they will do this year, is evolving the 11-inch MacBook Air to be more like an iPad Air (could even become the same product), with a touchscreen and be able to run iOS apps too. It will be possible thanks to a new kind of hybrid ARM / Intel based processor. That would be my dream device, an 11-inch MacBook Air with a touchscreen and with all the awesome iPad apps that are available, but still not so closed down as an iPad is, it will be open as a MacBook.

This new hybrid iPad/MacBook will be called iPad Pro and be around 12-inch (actually same physical size as the 11-inch MacBook Air, but even lighter).

I think these are the things Apple will do this year to be in the game again, and be even more popular than they already are. I think that is enough for Apple to “revolutionize” the mobile market again. And yes, I know that these kind of devices already exist, made both by many Android manufacturers, and also by Microsoft, but that is not the same thing, these kind of new devices has to be made by Apple to take the technology forward, to innovate. We have seen it happen before with both the smartphone and the tablet.