I found a solution to TextExpander for Chrome! It's called (txt) Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome

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Some day ago I posted about the new update of the incredibly good Markdown editor for Chrome - StackEdit. I also wrote that I now almost could switch to a Chromebook from my beloved 11-inch MacBook Air for my blogging, if it weren’t for the TextExpander Mac App. I said that there wasn’t any app for Chrome that can do the same (and there isn’t any that can do all the advanced stuff), but I was wrong. I got a tip on Twitter from Martin Bryant - Editor in chief of the website “The Next Web” about a Chrome extension called (txt) - Auto Text Expander for Chrome, and it actually could do a lot of the stuff that TextExpander for Mac can do! Except for advanced variables like %clipboard% and much more, but I found a workaround that actually works for me. So the last 4 blog posts I’ve made I have done completely in Chrome with the app StackEdit with some auto expanded text snippets and all :) Awesome! Technically I think I could use a Chromebook instead of my Mac to blog with now :)

The Chrome extension didn’t actually work in StackEdit until the StackEdit joined the discussion on Twitter and told me to change the settings to Light mode. Then it worked really good :)

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Here is what (txt) Auto Expander can do:

  • Create custom keyboard shortcuts to expand and replace text as you type!
  • Customizable list of expander keywords to expand, which are synced across Chrome browsers.
  • Support for multiline expanded text, html can be injected into content-editable divs (like Gmail).
  • Ability to locally backup your shortcuts and restore them from backup (per browser).
  • Macros for today’s date with customizable format using Moment.js (date/time will be based on your browser/computer’s clock)!
  • Icon in the address bar to let you easily access and edit your shortcuts / expansions.
  • Usually works on all text inputs and textareas, with special support for content editable divs like on Gmail and Facebook.

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