I have started a new experience, this time with a smartwatch :)


Today I have started a new fresh interesting experience :) I will use a Sony Smartwatch 2 (SW2) to see if it is useful or not. I will see if I can find any use for it, or if it’s more hassle and trouble than being useful.

I have written my first thoughts in a post already:

It pairs with your Android phone via NFC or normal Bluetooth pairing. It was very easy and fast to pair it using NFC. And after that they always connect with each other. It was actually the first time ever I have used NFC. Personally I haven’t seen the use for it since I switched from iPhone to Android, but now I can actually see how good it can be. So that was a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately it drains the battery on the phone it’s connected to quite much, I have had it connected for about 7 hours now to my LG G2 that usually has an incredible battery life, but has a considerable worse battery life now. The LG G2 only has 55 percent battery left, and the smartwatch service that needs to be installed has used 7% of the battery, and to me that is quite much. Maybe even too much to sacrifice for the usefulness of this Sony smartwatch 2?

It will be interesting to explore different apps to see if I can find and real use for a smartwatch, more than the coolness factor :-) I will keep you updated about my journey into the wearable gadget world ;-)

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