Pebble smartwatch first impressions

So it finally arrived my Pebble smartwatch!Pebble Smartwatch

On New years eve i made up my mind and ordered a Pebble, and the wait begun.
After just two weeks it finally found it’s way to my door, And this first post is about my first impressions and why it took my over three months of brain busting before i decided to go for a Pebble.

This story begins about three months ago when I stumbled upon a YouTube video whit a hands on of the Galaxy Gear I thought it looked amazing, but after some research i decided not to buy one, and Instead i started looking into the Sony smartwatch 2 i was on my way to buy one when I stumbled upon the Pebble Smartwatch, at first I thought it was really ugly and no color display, No touch hell no I’m not buying that!
But then I started to read about it and watched the kickstarter campaign and many more interviews whit Eric Migicovsky and i understood what he was aiming for whit the Pebble i will explain this in the full rewiew.

Pebble Smartwatch
Pebble Smartwatch

Now to my first impressions of the Pebble at first I thought it would feel cheaper but I’m really excited to tell you that it feels really good and has a high quality feel.

It was really easy to pair whit my phones, I tried on both Android and Ios.
I like that it don’t have a touch display it helps keeping fingerprints of the screen, and the tactile buttons have a nice feel to them.
The one thing I’m a bit skeptical to is the magnetic charging cable, it falls of easily and you better not misplace it.

This is the first part of my journey whit the Pebble and I will do a like and dislikes closer to the weekend, followed by a full review in a couple of weeks.

Hope you’ll stay tuned and thanks for reading.

Johan Olauson