Samsung is teasing a Galaxy Gear 2 for this year - hope it's better and not as ugly

Samsung will probably unveil the Galaxy Gear 2 on CES 2014 next week, that’s why they teasing with this image. Or maybe on MWC in February? Anyways, I really hope it’s better than the first version because it was not as good as you expect it to be, when you spend so much money to get one. The battery life sucks too. And it’s ugly.

Personally I want to try the Sony SmartWatch 2 to see how it’s like, it works with all Android phones that runs Android 4.0 or above, compare that to the Samsung Galaxy Gear that only works with some of it’s Galaxy devices… The Sony SmartWatch 2 is also compatible with over 300 specially made Android apps for it. Again, compare that to the Galaxy Gear….