Sony Smartwatch 2 - After a wek of usage

I have been using the Sony Smartwatch 2 nonstop for a week now, and today I have done two posts with what I like and don’t like with this smartwatch.

sony smartwatch 2

The discreet way to get notifications. Now I can actually read the notifications when I get them every time and everywhere. It doesn’t matter if I am in a meeting or at a dinner

The battery drain on the connected smartphone, when connected, the Sony Smart Connect service that you need to have installed on the phone hinders it to go to sleep. That means that it drains the battery faster. Around 7–8% battery drain. On the LG G2 that means around 3 hours worse battery life during the day

Check out the complete posts below.

Here is a post with what I like with it

Here is a post with what I don’t like with it