Yes we will see a lot of wearable devices on CES 2014, but personally I don't think they will succeed

Yes I am sure we will see wearable devices in droves on CES 2014. We will see new smartwatches, fitness accessories and maybe even some smartglasses.

It seems that all bigger companies will release these kinds of gadgets now, but are we ready for them yet? I think not. Look at Google Glass for example, I think they will fade away completely in 2014. No one will buy them. One of the reasons is that they are still too expensive. Another reason is that who wan’t to wear them? I for sure doesn’t want to wear glasses. And I have a hard time seeing that people will wear smart glasses in the future. I think that category of wearables are wrong.

Smartwatches though, could succeed as a wearable device we will use in the future, but personally I think it’s too early for them yet. The best smart watches that are available today, still isn’t so useful. They need to have a better user experience over all. But yes, they are interesting to try out, I admit that, but to be useful, I believe we have to wait for Apple to release an iWatch, so that we can see how a great user experience should be made. Then all others can copy what Apple did. That is how the mobile market has worked for the last 6 years, and I think that is what the wearable market is waiting for to happen.

Hard words, but that is a fact.