Hating the new Samsung Galaxy is the new hating the new iPhone

Is hating on the new Galaxy the new hating on the new iPhone? | Android Central

And then things kind of slowed down. We went from radical reinvention of the smartphone back to iterative generations. The Samsung Galaxy S3, for example, was appreciably better than any of the variants of the Galaxy S2 that had preceded it. But when the Galaxy S4 came out, it was met with a chorus of “that’s it?” — as if we were entitled to more. It’s happened again with the Galaxy S5. We got so used to such rapid advancement that we’re having trouble accepting that our minds aren’t going to be blow with every iteration of a device.

Samsung galaxy s5

Yes I think hating the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is the new hating of the new iPhone. People expect more and more nowadays, and the Galaxy phone has become so big that people has such high expectations of the next iteration every time. Better specs isn't enough anymore. We want to be excited again, we want something revolutionizing. And the phone manufacturers has a hard time doing that now. It feels that everything is already invented and explored when it comes to smartphones.

What more can be done really?