Here is what I think of SwiftKey Note for iOS (video)

Many people says that it’s too bad that Swiftkey only works in one app on iOS and that is SwiftKey Note, but to me that is not as huge problem really, The reason is that I think it doesn’t matter if you need to write the text in one app and then share it to the service you want or to the app you want, so that you can keep continue working with the text, for example adding links, formatting and images in another text editor before it’s ready to blog. I don’t really see that as a problem.

swiftkey note

And who knows, maybe SwiftKey adds support for Dropbox too? Then it will be even a smaller problem, because then we just have to start the text editor we prefer to use after wringing all the text in SwiftKey Note, and the text file is already there to keep working on. Simple.

And maybe even the awesome iOS app Drafts can add support for SwiftKey as an option, then we can use Drafts to write all the text in, and then very easily share directly from Drafts to any app or service with a created Action. That would be awesome.

I think SwiftKey Note will have a bright future on iOS is they are doing it right.

Check out my vlog below with my thoughts