I can't do the same things on an Android tablet as I can do on the iPad Air

It’s impossible for me to do the same advanced stuff on a 10-inch Android tablet, as I can do on the iPad Air.

iPad air

Four things

  1. Video editing. It’s impossible to do the same advanced video editing on Android as I can do on the iPad Air. The reason is that android doesn’t have any advanced, professional video editing apps that makes it possible to do the same kind of video editing you do on a computer. iOS has plenty of such apps.
  2. Editorial. There isn’t any Android app that even comes near what the iPad app Editorial can do. You can do advanced automated workflows through Python scripts in Editorial. It links, adds content totally automatically for me. I just have to type, nothing else! So for example, if I type the word Apple, it links automatically to my Apple webpage on my blog. Just as it did in this post :) I have done workflows for all my webpages and also for some categories and tags.
  3. TextExpander. It’s an app to make short commands, abbreviations. It makes it possible to make some really advanced stuff like fill-ins and much more. It works in all apps that supports TextExpander. Android has some abbreviations apps but none that comes near what TextExpander can do. And none that is as easy to use.
  4. The built-in support for keyboard shortcuts and abbreviations in iOS and OS X, that syncs with each other. These simpler short cuts works as TextExpander does, but they work anywhere on iOS. Very useful and they sync with all my devices, the iPhones, iPad and my Mac. And I can do the short cuts on the Mac, and I can have hundreds of them, and they all sync with my devices. Awesome

These things makes the creation and productivity user experience so much better on the iPad Air, than on a 10-inch Android tablet.

Check my video below