Pebble and iOS

Since my daughter cracked the display on my wife's galaxy s4, she's been using my Lg G2, and I'm back on my iPhone 5s so I thought this would be a great opportunity to give you guys my thoughts of pebble and iOS.

First I have to say that I've updated my pebble to sdk 2 and I'm currently rocking RC8 and beta7 app for my phone, this includes the pebble store.

My first impression when I paired my pebble with my iPhone 5 was not so good, no notifications came trough, but after some google searching I was back on track I had to disable al notifications and then reenable them one by one.

Now after a couple of days I'm really enjoying the experience, the pebble iOS integration is awesome! For example I can push ANY notification from my phone to my pebble without any third party app, on android I needed to download an app to get my google+ and work mail to push to my pebble, with iOS IT JUST WORKS.

The pebble store is just amazing one really easy way to get new watchfaces and apps and easy management of installed apps. One cool thing is that you can have apps in the unloaded section of the app on your phone, and easily switch between the eight you have installed on your Pebble smartwatch. enter image description hereenter image description here enter image description here

It's not all good As I've said before I'm a heavy user of tasker on my android devices, and when I got my pebble I installed the pebble tasker app right away, this is the biggest drawback for me now that I'm on iOS!

But it's no deal breaker! There's just to much to love, I feel that the pebble team is working harder on iOS integration, and leaves android to other third party developers. This is of course is good for iOS users, and thank god there's so many good android developers out there.

I guess that was what I had to say for now, I'll be back!

Peace out //Johan